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Solution for measuring Human Temperature


The dual-light Body Temperature Measurement Instrument adopts “Facial recognition +IR/EO dual-sensor” for non-contact temperature measurement with features of high temperature alarm and face detection while avoiding cross infection.



Human Body Temperature Solutions

This vesatile sevice instrument is suitable for use in public places such as offices, hotels, banks, airports, station, ships, shopping malls, cinemas, etc.

It can analysis people to measure their temperature and send alert to the medicine stuff to take care of that situation.



Product Introduction

Temperature measurement access control displays, Adopting the high-performance hardware platform of RSM micro rk3288/ rk3399/ qualcomm msm8953, equipped with industrial grade binocular camera and with industrial grade binocular camera and human face recognition technology, as well as infrared thermal imaging module. it supports face mask recognition, ID card reader, fingerprint instrument and other peripheral extensions. It can be applied to gate channel and access control attendance to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel.



Temperature Measurement system :

It can replace fingerprint attendance for the employees will make check-in with face recognition and temperature measurement, and the records will register in the system and depending on the persons temperature, the door can be opened or not.

Can integrate with HR sytem.

Working as an access door.


 Product Features :

– 8-inch IPS full view LCD display.

– Industrial apperance, waterproof and dustproof design, stable and reliable.

– Support 3w face database. 

– Extremely high face recognition rate, the speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.

– Supporting the accurate face recognition and face mask recognition.

the industial class wide dynamic binocular camera, infrared and led dual com­pensation at night are adopted.

– Strong performance. Four core RK3288 processor, six core RK3399 processor and eight core QUALCOMM msm8953 processor are available for option.

– Supproting human body temperature detection, temperature display, 1me­ter ultra far temperature detection, 0.2C °error, and automatic temperature alarm, second level detection speed, time export of attendance temperature measurement data.

– Supporting system level, APP offline level, APP + background network level