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New Era AI robotic Inc. is dedicated to developing reformatory AI technologies, and excels in robotics solutions for service and manufacturing sectors. Our module matrix provides a multi-functional portfolio with maximum flexibility and agility, empowering enterprises for a future of higher efficiency, benefit and safety.

Our robots have worked hand in hand with various strategic partners in industries including retail, healthcare, banking, etc., around the clock and around the globe.

Autonomous Indoor Navigation

-Mapping the store by laser-Slam

-Roaming the store to advertise

-Leading customers to a location they are looking for

Voice Interaction

-Customer greeting

-Novel and fun experience

Digital Smart Platform
with Mobility

-Smart information provider

-Mobile advertising


Assisting customers in real time

Face Detection

-Target marketing

-People counting

Big Data Analytics

-Analyzing customer purchasing behavior

-Highly effective on-site marketing


-Patrolling the store 24-hr

-Triggering alarm for security

-Avoiding obstacles