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Google Cloud Consulting



Get the winning combination of Google cloud infrastructure and JMSKEF India Know-how for creating winning business models!

Technology is changing the world like ever. With organizations rapidly embracing cloud computing technology and “on demand” service model, IT industry is no more the same! With increased focus on outsourcing providers for development of software and cost optimization by reducing set up costs, IT organizations are now creating areas of specialization by focusing on core competencies.

Cloud has been the buzz all over. Organizations, in their pursuit for growth and scale, are often taken down by huge costs on infrastructure and manpower. Cloud development offers a reliable means to meet your business needs while being flexible to future opportunities for growth.

Google Cloud Development is one such revolution which is driving the IT industry to the next era. At JMSKEF India, we provide a host of Google Cloud development services to support today’s business rapidly take on competition and build successful business models of the future. Google Cloud managed services from JMSKEF India helps businesses eliminate challenges and worries of managing IT infrastructure and lets you focus on your business.

Offshore Google Cloud Consulting

Google Cloud Services enables development of sophisticated and scalable solutions. These services support growth across industries- healthcare, financial services, insurance, media, real estate, public sector, retail, education and more. By providing cloud solution, Google Cloud eliminates the total IT cost for an organization. With the backbone technology which powers Google Search and Youtube, Google Cloud provides a safe, reliable and easy-to scale platform on the cloud.

Google cloud provides a modular solution and can be used to generate a range of useful products to cater to the needs of the industry. This is the reason why we at JMSKEF India believe in the platform and cater services in building applications, storing data and managing business processes. Google Cloud also offers a homogeneous mix of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. Google Cloud offerings can accessed over HTTP, using REST and SOAP protocols.

Google Cloud offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces IT investments in hardware and software
  • Eliminates trouble of managing set-up, hardware or software
  • Provides instant access to services from any location
  • Eliminates any installation, customization or configuration needs
  • Provides a scalable and secure platform for reaching a wider customer base
  • Better Product Delivery and support mechanism
  • Easy to access and portable
  • Dynamic and modular makes it faster to integrate and deploy
  • Facilitates availability of updated products anytime, anywhere in real time

Growing with Google Cloud Consulting

  • With Google Cloud organizations can focus on long term relationships with customers, over one time transactions
  • Google Cloud enables you to concentrate on your core competencies
  • Google Cloud eliminates need for upgrades and distribution

With Google Cloud driven business models, organizations can offer subscription based service to the end customer saving huge costs to them as well as reducing IT resource risk- sharing of resources on cloud reduces probability of resources remaining idle! SaaS ensures continuous customer engagement and a fulfilling experience by ensuring that everyone, anywhere, and anytime gets an updated version of your product.

Google Cloud Consulting services at JMSKEF

As a leading Google Cloud service provider, we help our clients in reaping the full benefits of Google cloud hosting through a comprehensive framework of managed services. Our expert team of professionals have years of hands-on experience of working on the Google Cloud Ecosystem. Our services includes but is not limited to outsourced Google Cloud systems administration, Google based network and storage solutions.

We cater to the following requirements:

  • On/Off-site Google Cloud administrators
  • Deployment and configuration of applications on Google Cloud
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Resolution of Google Cloud related incidents
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Be it expansion of existing virtualization infrastructure or building an application from scratch, our technology consultants offer directions to turn your vision into a secure, scalable and dynamic new reality.

The entire process begins with assessment of your current footprint and identifying elements and processes which can be moved to the cloud. Corresponding transition strategy is also prepared for maximum efficiency throughout the move while also ensuring all ancillary processes and procedures are updated to reflect the new cloud-based system.

At JMSKEF we are committed to provide the best fit solution and support to our customers in form of services. This includes:

  • Managed Services: Application configuration as per needs, Application Deployment, Monitoring Application’s Performance, Resolution of Google Cloud related Incidents and Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure management: Infrastructure monitoring and complete infrastructure management. Proprietary cloud management platform and various other tools are used to actively monitor cloud for fault recognition and fast response
  • Advisory Services: Application Architecture Validation and Consulting, Resource Usage & Billing Optimization, General Consulting and query resolutions and Auto-scaling implementation
  • Account Monitoring, Cost & Usage tracking: Monitoring user access, billing and payments, cost and Usage Break-up of each Google Cloud Asset level as well as group level
  • Operations Management and Enhanced Reporting: Generate monthly and quarterly reports and reviews, utilize powerful customer scorecard for better decision making
  • Enhanced Support: Executive Escalation, Enhanced TAM SLA, Customer Advocate
  • Recommendations: Cost Saving, High Availability, Auto Scaling and Assets Optimization Recommendations

JMSKEF is a one-stop solution for all your Google Cloud Development Services requirements. Get in touch with us today and give us a chance to help your business win!

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