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Enhancing customer experience is the new way of life. Today, organizations across the world are spending twice the money on services related to analytics and business intelligence software than what they are spending on the software itself. The business intelligence marketplace has seen a surge in growth over the last 5 years and it is slated to boom in the near future.

Predictive Customer Intelligence uses individual customer buying behavior, web foot print, social media behavior and other online activities to personalize customer experience. This is done through tailored recommendations based on insights gained from huge volumes of customer data using automated platforms across multiple internal and external sources.  Modeling and scoring techniques help provide the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

Predictive analytics and Business Intelligence has taken a leap with the advent of cloud-based hosting. Growing intolerance for failed projects amongst business executives is driving the outsourcing of Business Intelligence projects.


Business Intelligence & Analytics Outsourcing:A new Approach

Outsourcing has traditionally been perceived in two ways- a global panacea seen to solve any problem or a call to terror. However, today outsourcing is seen as a useful tool, which if used wisely, can help organizations become efficient and successful.

However, outsourcing has been a constant in the IT Workspace. So what’s new?

In the past, IT Outsourcing was majorly about generating cost savings through standardization and economies of scale. This was essential for making the business profitable.

However, Business Intelligence outsourcing is different. Here the focus is on avoiding failures and justifying the ROI on BI Investments.

At Jmskef, we follow structured processes and use specialized software and highly experienced staff to deliver outstanding returns on investments quickly.  From just remedial work for predefined solutions, today we manage entire BI Competency centre- defining the roadmap, managing data governance, selecting tools, designing the architecture, and managing operations. We work hard to wrestle our client’s data to the ground until it’s in a usable form for reporting and analysis. However, this does not affect our delivery timelines. We are completely committed to delivering success to our customers within committed timelines.

How does BI Outsourcing work?

BI outsources use either or a combination of a number of techniques to deliver results. They use offshore resources or software to automate data acquisition and modeling. Alternative to this is a highly integrated BI stack or cloud hosted BI solutions or combination of all these options.

Why should you Outsource BI and Analytics?


The pricing models followed in the industry are:

  • Fixed Price (Fee for service)
  • Monthly Fee

In either case, IT companies get the benefit of eliminating upfront capital expenditures. This is particularly useful for small companies or those with limited budgets

At Jmskef we follow….. pricing model. We provide the best price in the industry owing to our cheap yet skilled and highly productive professional team based out of India



With outsourcing, businesses have the flexibility of scaling their resources (people) up or down. The IT industry faces the challenge of spare capacity due to the IT cycle, leading to fluctuations in people on deck.  An outsourcing arrangement allows easy adjustments to meet market demand without having to either fire or rehire staff, or rely on bringing in expensive contract resource. This in turn increases speed to market for the clients’ IT products.


Outsourcing helps businesses focus on their core competencies- build products and provides services in which they are experts. Outsourcing support services helps them become lean and efficient.

At Jmskef, we help business achieve cost efficiency and operational excellence. Our outsourcing offerings include:

  • In-depth understanding of business requirements. This is achieved through close collaboration with a wide range of client’s and our business managers.
  • An extensive appreciation of the data available in different business systems, its accuracy and how data in different places is related to each other
  • Translating available data into the useful information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand and use manner

Jmskef has an outstanding track record of success. We are not just service providers; we are partners in crime – the crime of achieving the BI nirvana!

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