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Social Media App Development



Drive Communication with your socially active audience with Social Media App Development!

The world has changed into a global village. The advent of social media networks have changed the way we communicate and interact. The web today is a user-centered active community. The entire ecosystem functions as a collaborative social media community with individuals sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas.

The generation, distribution and sharing of content, by and for the community, is forcing businesses to build valuable relationships with existing customers, new customers and new local/global markets online.

Social media is being increasingly used to communicate with our favorite brands, products, services, games and more. With users becoming more technology friendly and the increasing hunch for convenience has led to movement of online traffic to handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With rapidly evolving channels of communications, businesses need to actively engage and develop memorable experiences for their customers. Social Media Apps are a boon to serve the objective!

Why Social Media App Development?

Social media acts as the boilerplate for facilitating direct connect with customers and prospects alike. They help in creating a stronger bond by building credibility and trust are– asking for feedback, opinions and suggestions. An open and honest dialog fosters long-term business relationships with customers.

Social media is at the heart of marketing across businesses, esp. when it comes to feedback and analysis. Potential customers view your marketing message to learn about your products and services, and view social media feedback, opinions and suggestions as a way to validate your offerings. Social media applications are powerful tools for:

  • Monetization
  • Engaging with customers in a new way through contests, giveaways and more
  • Attracting new customers
  • Boost customer insights with market research and data collection
  • Communicate a wider marketing campaign to a broad audience- create brand awareness

Social media is essential fabric for brand creation and an ultimate fun user experience. Hence, it is important for businesses to reach their audience through social media apps.

Social Media Application Development

Social media application development is not an easy task. In this constantly evolving environment, technology becomes obsolete fast and trends and functionalities change quickly. Social Media App development, therefore, requires skill sets and deep understanding of social media platforms -Knowledge of the API and development platform is essential in order to properly utilize the different aspects of the social media network and properly leverage the viral hooks found within it.

Some of the challenges faced with social media app development are:

  • Brand positioning across various social media platforms
  • Single app supporting different target platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Flexibility to constantly improve and upgrade social media apps
  • Capturing customer insights across channels to enhance brand experiences
  • Growing lasting connections with prospects with optimized social media apps
  • Leveraging right information at the right time taking it to the right social media platform using the right channel or device

At JMSKEF India, we cater to all the above challenges with cutting edge solutions compatible across all platforms to drive your business leadership, differentiation and brand loyalty

Social Media App Development Services

Social media apps need to be interactive and engaging. Technological excellence and years of experience enable us to develop best-in-class social media application solutions. By integrating innovative concepts with latest technology tools and platforms, our apps capture user interest at the very onset. Deep domain expertise coupled with business need mapping allows us to deliver solutions that can be optimized as per your strategic and core business requirements. Our services span across:

Custom Social Media Apps Development

Renew, replace, integrate, upgrade, build– we do it all. Our social media apps are compelling and refreshing!

Buying behavior analysis

We take customer research seriously. Analysis of buying behavior and customer touch points helps us understand what works the best. Not only do we understand, we automate analytics features that track how users interact with our social apps. This comes handy in identification and troubleshooting technical support issues and customer grievances.

Social apps Testing and User Experience

Very often, testing is overlooked in development schedules. At JMSKEF India we take careful measures to make sure that our social media apps are not only tested for usability, but for performance on multiple browsers and on multiple platforms. A key part of testing is the user experience, which can help make an application more successful by maximizing acceptance and usage from your prospects.

Social Media App Development Offerings at JMSKEF India

We bring deep industry expertise and experience to our clients with our talented team of professionals. We have experience and capability on delivering the following portfolio of offerings:

  • Facebook Application Development
  • Social Application Development
  • Google Application Development
  • Custom social networking website
  • Social networking application development

For each social platform, we provide a variety of services. For example, for Facebook we provide:

  • Facebook application design and development
  • Facebook Connect integration
  • Facebook Open Graph integration and social plug-ins
  • Facebook Fan Page applications
  • Social Network web applications and API customization
  • Social Bookmarking

Our Approach

At JMSKEF, we follow a structured approach for developing applications tailored to our client’s needs. We start with evaluation of the best design methodology to build interactive and vivid apps, especially in a cross-platform environment. Detailed discussions and feedback are taken post which app features and designs which are functionally and aesthetically sound are devised and developed. The entire process is managed as a project to ensure timely delivery.

Come and partner with us to connect with your customers better with Social Media App Development!

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