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Business Process Automation (BPA) refers to the technology enabled automation of processes in order to accomplish specific workflows at reduced costs. It is a strategic decision which is not aimed at automation, but making business workflows more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible.

A business process automation solution orchestrates the flow of information and tasks between workers and systems, to increase process efficiency. This involves integration and use of various software applications and optimization of human resources. Processes involved span across different segments of company activities, including sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources and information technology.

Need for Business Process Automation

Information technology is driving new opportunities for sourcing, delivering information, engaging individuals and analyzing markets. However, it’s a double-edged sword.

At the same time, global adoption of IT has led to globalization of competition. As competition turns fierce, customer engagement has emerged as the most critical factor in driving business revenues. Complex supply chains and closer interaction between business and technology are transforming the way organizations function. Fueled by widespread mobile access and constant social connectivity, customers are demanding simple, streamlined and seamless interactions across all channels. This calls for an end- to-end business process improvement solution supporting scale and latest technology. BPA embraces the mantra of smart work over hard work.

Businesses adopting BPA solutions should be able to answer the following:

  • Which structured or repeatable business processes would benefit from automation?
  • Are there a number of such redundant/repetitive business processes within the same department?
  • Which departments/business units would achieve benefits from faster processes or a more focused workforce?

If you have answers to all the above, then you should not wait and invest in a BPA solution at the earliest.

Business Process Automation is all about People and change

Adoption of BPA solutions across organizations is fueled by the need to CHANGE. However, merely a technology change cannot foster business change by itself. BPM solutions bring about manifold changes- change in procedures and working patterns, technology used in daily work, monitoring and measurements. Hence, a series of change management practices also needs to be taken into cognizance. BPA solutions can deliver successful results only if relevant people buy in and adopt this technology.

Business Process Improvements have been the areas of extreme focus for the CEO and CIOs. Business Process Automation can radically transform business operations- annual cost reductions of 50% and process cycle time reductions of 80% and improve customer service levels by 10-15%. All this comes with a highly scalable platform with lower cost of change.

How is BPA different from Six Sigma/ Lean?

BPA is all about “improving the process of process improvement”. This is achieved using an integrated approach and building on modern technology capabilities.

Business Benefits of a Business Process Automation Solution

BPA solutions streamline business processes to make them consistent and auditable, resulting in better outcome, reduced errors, and mitigation of compliance risk. Web-based capabilities enable creation and deployment of electronic forms and automated management of associated routing, tracking, and approval processes. eForms reduces turn-around times to quickly put forms online and present them to internal and external users.

Business Process Automation Solution delivers value to organizations in the following ways:

  • Speed to Market- BPA allows fast delivery of business solutions by eliminating redundant and repetitive functions across the departments/ organization. Automation also makes the work easier and cuts down the time spent on processes. This leads to faster delivery of products and services.
  • Enhanced Visibility– A single BPA platform provides total visibility across the business and manages business processes. This facilitates informed decision making with a view of challenges and achievements across all departments.
  • Operational Efficiency – BPA supports real time tracking of progress of individual activities. This also provides scope for notifying the appropriate individuals of specific events or process bottlenecks and allowing them to take quick action.
  • Drive Customer Centricity- BPA solutions embrace customer intimacy by directing focus to customer demand. This change in outlook proves beneficial to organizations.
  • Save costs and time- By automating business processes, BPA solutions cut down the time used for managing and tracking manual processes. IT reduces expenses incurred on human resources, stationary and drives efficiency across the organization.
  • Enhanced productivity– With elimination of manual processes, employees can concentrate more on core tasks over managing redundant and repetitive processes.

Not just adopting the solution, implementation of BPA solutions needs to be strategic. A radical shift from operations to business outcome is desirable. Meaningful engagements help meet customer demands.

At Jmskef, we develop BPA systems which fuel consistency, drive efficiency and eliminate the need for employees to spend time on slow, structured, manual processes. Our solution equips organizations to perform more effectively and concentrate on their core competencies by eliminating focus on manual operations.

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