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Technology based businesses are continuously disrupting the business landscape across the globe. With increasing penetration of the internet and mobile access, technology is in hands and reach of one and all. Blockchain technology is one such weapon which is transforming the way we interact and transact in the digital world.

Blockchain is basically a decentralized database where recorded transactions are copied to a participating network of computers. Using sophisticated cryptography, information is disseminated across multiple computers to keep it secure. Information disseminated in a blockchain network is viewed by all those with access rights to the network. Once the data has been entered, the information cannot be modified.

Blockchain is being increasingly seen as the rebirth of the Internet. Today, organizations across the globe including the Silicon Valley and the Wall Street, are rubbing their heads together to leverage blockchain and develop innovative offerings to usher growth and efficiency in their business models.

Blockchain technology can work for almost every type of transaction involving value, including money, goods and property. From bitcoin powered wallets, to collecting taxes, enabling payments beyond boundaries, use cases of blockchain is endless.

At Jmskef, we understand the changing needs of businesses and deliver a range of services using blockchain technology to power winning business models globally. We use the latest developments in blockchain technology to enable highly secure and custom tailored solutions that fits the unique case of your projects. Jmskef Blockchain Services include:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

When safety and reliability matters, cryptocurrency exchanges using advanced bitcoin technology is the solution. Blockchain is the fundamental concept behind bitcoins and many other globally accepted cryptocurrencies. You can now build your own currencies and exchange using blockchain technology.

Payment Gateways & Wallets

With the global economies moving to digital payments, you can now create differentiated products. With our blockchain technology-enabled product, you can accept cryptocurrencies and instantly convert them to your preferred currency or keep them in your wallet. Wallets built on blockchain are completely secure.

Decentralized Ledgers

Design ledgers for any industry including retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services and more using blockchain technology.

Private Blockchains 

For winning business models of the future, you can get your private blockchain solutions developed to suit your business needs.


Develop smart contracts and escrow services quickly. With comprehensive, tokenization and authentication your business becomes more detailed, secure and reliable.

Custom Dcentralized Apps

Leverage the power of the blockchain to create custom applications to meet your business requirements. Our team is adept at blockchain domain knowledge and has experience and expertise in developing in-house solutions to help our customers grow fast and secure.

Smart Contracts & Self Executing Wills 

Get dynamic and decentralized cryptographic Blockchain apps designed for digital signatures.

Blockchain Training

Stay ahead of the market by training and development for your team on blockchain technologies and its future. Our team of experts are certified in blockchain solutions.

We specialize in blockchain consulting in addition to delivering latest products and services using blockchain technology. Our experts are certified in blockchain domain and have experience and expertise in helping customers build next-gen products and grow faster.

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