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Android App Development




Android Platform is undoubtedly the most widely used and hence the most important Mobile Operating Platform out there. There are millions of users around the world using the Android platform and demand for application development on Android is increasing in India and abroad. Businesses are keen to have a powerful presence on this platform so that they can connect with this huge user base and capture the endless opportunities it offers.

With this arises the need for a professional and experienced Android App Development firm. The Developer firm should have expertise in various Android technologies and should also be experienced having worked with clients in its country and around the world as well. Not to mention that working in different industries is a huge competitive advantage here.

We as a firm of Developers are a team of highly professional and experienced people. We are fully equipped and capable of developing high-quality Android Applications for your Business. Here are some advantages that you can get if you decide to work with us:

  • Communication Models that we prepare are highly flexible
  • We have a large team of professionally qualified and trained people with a minimum experience of 5 Years
  • We use robust techniques and we are highly competent as a team
  • Hundred Percent of Client Satisfaction is Guaranteed. And our Applications get a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on the Play store by a huge user base
  • We provide seamless assistance through Phone, Chat, Skype, and Emails.
  • The Tools we use for android application development are highly effective. These include Eclipse, Advance Java, Android SDK, Android Emulator, and Sqilte3.
  • The frameworks that we use are also top of the line, these include TitaniumSDK, Appcelerator, Xamarin, PhoneGap, SenchaTouch2, Dojo Mobile and Corona SDK.
  • In order to develop an excellent looking and high performing Application, there is a need to follow a highly effective process. The Process we deploy for developing Android Applications include the following stages:

Idea making and Concept Building

Applications Prototype Creation

Application Graphical designing

The development phase of Application

Release of the Application

  • We stand out from other Android Application Developers because we provide high-quality Solutions on the most affordable prices. We don’t work as just an application vendor but we consider ourselves as your technology partner and work accordingly.

The services we provide include the following. We would like you to take a thorough look so that you can decide which development service you require.

Custom Android Application Development

We got the latest technologies and the tools to develop custom applications according to your specifications and business requirements.

Online Booking & E-Commerce Applications

We are here to help you boost your business growth by automating your bookings system and integrating E-Commerce capabilities for easier trading through the mobile Application.

Android Multimedia and Enterprise management

We develop Android-based Enterprise and Multimedia applications that provide a pleasing and entertaining experience to the Users.

Upgrade & Maintenance of Android Applications

We can help you to make sure that all the components and features of your Android Application are up to date and are based on latest Android Platform technologies so that the users get the optimum experience.

Financial Applications

We are also capable of developing navigational applications that are highly accurate and financial applications that help improve financial and accounting systems for banks, insurance companies, and many other enterprises.

Android Games Development

We are highly proficient in developing Android Games of various Genres, this includes Racing, Educative, Puzzle and many other.

Educational and News Applications

You can promote your business or you can go one step ahead of the competitors by developing an educational Application for your users. We are also aware of the coding process of News Applications.

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